Biography, 2008-2013


The 156-foot mixed-media piece titled Biography was initiated in 2008 and paused in 2013.


The work shows a geological and personal timeline. It includes hundreds of pieces of mixed media such as cardboard, pieces of computer boards, paper, pipe cleaners, pressers, tar paper, and yarn. Siegel created Biography by adding an approximately 22-inch-wide section of the artwork to the left of the work at a time. "Like evolution, Biography has no endpoint. It could just keep going," Siegel said. "So, it's sort of a geologic timeline, and at the same time it's a personal timeline and it's a chronical of various techniques and crafts that I've developed over the years."


Over 150-feet long, the work has never been seen altogether as a whole by anyone, not even by the artist himself. To document the entirety of Biography, photography of 30-foot sections of the piece have been taken and combined in Photoshop. The insight that photography and videography could complement his large object making lead Siegel to eventually craft film collages associated with physical artworks.


In 2015, Biography was installed at Art Miami/NY as a Public art installation. In 2013, Steven Siegel, Biography 95-49 was on view at Marlborough 57th Street, New York, NY, and in 2011 Steven Siegel, Biography was exhibited at Marlborough Chelsea, New York, NY.  Portions of the work have also been exhibited in Canada and the University of Florida.


An approximately 100-foot section of Biography (Sections 32B – 91) is currently displayed in the Albany International Airport.