No Wall... was begun in May, 2020 with no pre-conceived size or configuration. It is also a book, and a short movie which can be viewed on the Film section of this website. The project's evolution is documented with a small selection of images in reverse chronological order. The book allows one to burrow down into extreme detail, the film provides a quick overview. 


" It’s the first “art book” (that I have ever read) that flows like a nostalgic beautiful song… that stays with you after you close the last page."

Guillermo Fesser


"This morning in front of my gas fire, with a second cup of coffee at 7 am, I settled myself in a comfy chair with your book.  It's been sitting on my dining room table with a small pile of wrapped presents.  The closed book had the same allure as the wrapped presents, -- communicating that it had something fun and exciting inside that I had yet to discover. When I cradled it in my lap and opened it and started turning the pages, I was so pleased with the feel of it!  The size and heft of the book and the thickness of the creamy pages combined to give me a very "contented" feeling. 

And then the images and the text began to wash over me:

Layers and links and beginnings and memories.

Ways of seeing and partial views.

"A new way of seeing big."

Growth, change, time.  Building.

"Looking at the tiniest detail can bring great satisfaction."

Layers, all the layers. Dense and yet spacious."

            Julie Bosworth